Repo Handler API

Adding a new repo system like Github in OpenComparison is a relatively straightforward task. You need to provide two things:

  1. Add a new repo handler in the apps.models.repos directory that follows the described API
  2. Add tests to check your work
  3. Document any special settings.
  4. Change the SUPPORTED_REPO to include the name of the new repo handler.

What if my target repo doesn’t support all the necessary fields?

Lets say you want to use GitBlarg, a new service whose API doesn’t provide the number of repo_watchers or participants. In order to handle them you would just set those values until such a time as GitBlarg would support the right data.

For example, as you can see in the apps.models.repos.base_handler.BaseHandler.fetch_metadata() method, the Package instance that it expects to see is a comma-seperated value:

def fetch_metadata(self, package):
    """ Accepts a package.models.Package instance:

            return: package.models.Package instance

        Must set the following fields:

            package.repo_watchers (int)
            package.repo_forks (int)
            package.repo_description (text )
            package.participants = (comma-seperated value)

    raise NotImplemented()

So your code might do the following:

from GitBlargLib import GitBlargAPI
def fetch_metadata(self, package):

    # fetch the GitBlarg data
    git_blarg_data = GitBlargAPI.get(package.repo_name())

    # set the package attributes
    package.repo_watchers = 0 # GitBlagAPI doesn't have this so we set to 0
    package.repo_forks = git_blarg_data.forks
    package.repo_description = git_blarg_data.note
    package.participants = u"" # GitBlagAPI doesn't have this so we set to an empty string

    return package

How about cloning GitBlarg’s repos so we can get a better view of the data?

The problem is that developers, designers, and managers will happily put gigabytes of data into a git/hg/svn/fossil/cvs repo. For a single project that doesn’t sound like much, but when you are dealing with thousands of packages in a OpenComparison instance the scale of the data becomes... well... terrifying. What is now a mild annoyance becomes a staggeringly large problem.

Therefore, pull requests on repo handlers that attempt to solve the problem this way will be summarily rejected.

Can I make a repo handler for Google Project Hosting?

Not at this time. Please read the FAQ.